How to compress photos

Compressing a photo is simple. The methods will differ slightly depending on which images you wish to reduce in size, what you intend to use the photos for, the type of device you have and what type of software you’re using to compress the images.

We’ll discuss and explain the different ways to reduce photo file size in this guide with some easy-to-follow steps.


How to reduce photo size online

Digital photos are made up of pixels that are stored on your device or computer. Some images consist of more pixels than others. There are some types of digital images that are comprised of millions of pixels making them extremely large. These images take up a lot of storage space, which can pose a problem if you try to email or transfer them to another device or computer.


The solution is to compress the image, which reduces the size of the photo without having to resize the image. Find out how to compress photos online using these free apps.


The Optimizilla “Image Compressor”

Optimizilla is a free online tool that can compress both JPEG and PNG images. The before and after slider feature allows you to view the quality of the compressed version before you continue with the compression. You can upload 20 images at a time. Unfortunately, Optimizilla  doesn’t support PDF files or conversions.



TinyPNG is a tried and tested image optimization tool that can compress both JPEG and PNG images. TinyPGN uses the smart lossy compression technique to reduce file size. You can upload up to 20 images at a time (or 100 per month). Image sizes cannot exceed 5MB.

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